Wood Window Blinds Variations


Wood window blinds – horizontal wood blinds are very functional, stylish and natural product. It is a product that fits to demanding tastes and environments, adding naturalness warmth and style. Part of the beauty of this element is in the level of form and color of his streak; that is why all variations, which have the exact same sheets are normal and are considered within the normal industry standards.

In the market of today it has evolved and is not difficult to obtain some alternatives blinds that look like the timber in the blind. The veins vary within a single sheet. Thus the surface finish and tenderness of the sheets also vary.

The reasons it is a 100 why the behavior is unpredictable timber are So that the wood can be used on windows and, as light control element, exposing them should be treated. Given the nature of the material, this will absorb best components and treatments in some areas than in others, creating variations that are perceptible sight and touch; these variations and being accepted within the wood products industry

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