Traditional Rustic Style Living Rooms


Rustic style living rooms– Living room is the second part after many people will frequent the terrace, so we must always maintain cleanliness and the beauty. Arranging the living room with a scope that is not wide is not easy. Not just about the size of desk or a chair, but also influence the colors which we’ll use, for each kind of color contains impression.

If you want rustic style living rooms, note the dark colors tend to have a narrow impression so it is not suggested to be applied on the kind of minimalist living room is cramped.

Minimalist house has a mix of bold colors that remain in sync . But of course there are ie not using color combination of three types. Especially for a small space using a mixture of two colors will be more beautiful and right. rustic style living rooms is usually lighting are monitored, the narrow size of the room has a white and yellow color combination that is light, thus creating an atmosphere that is not too bright and warm. For if we use a lamp that has a light too bright will give the impression of heat.

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