Tin Backsplash Tiles Ideas


Create a focal point to the kitchen by installing a silver tin behind the stove. Silver stained tin and tin-look tiles mixed with stainless appliances while contrasting with hardwood and ceramics floors. If the stove is on a wall in the kitchen, using silver tin tiles on the perfect wall. This design concept produces a break in the kitchen patterns and adds an unexpected touch. Keep the remaining walls painted a neutral color like white or pale yellow.

Tin backsplash tiles – Give kitchen backsplash a customized and unusual design with pewter plates and tiles that look like tin. Because of the highly textured surface, these tiles hide dirt and grime. Tin-look tiles are produced in a vast range of designs, colors and designs to coordinate with any kitchen palette. Some tin-look tiles are made of composite material, which makes them heat resistant.

Take into a warm and rich design to the kitchen tin backsplash tiles using copper colored tin. Use copper colored tin full kitchen to create a bold design. Copper shades against walnut cabinets bring warmth to a kitchen space. They also countered with breadboard cabinets that were brighter or darker cabinet mahogany. Appliances in stainless steel and black stand out against a yellowish coloured tin backsplash tiles. Copper-colored tin-look tile soil hiding in a kitchen and can be cleaned with a mixture of detergent and water.

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