The Best IKEA Kitchen Cart Ideas


IKEA kitchen cart – You can add additional shelves inside the car or on the sides or other storage elements. Turn the frame over and fix the legs to it with four wood screws, then fix the wheel bolts to the legs. Place the reinforcements in the lower and upper part of the frame, placing three screws on each side.

If your kitchen is small, it will be good for you to have a piece of furniture where you can store objects and also earn a preparation and cutting area. Take a tape measure and pencil to calculate the height, width and depth of the car. Choose a measure that fits the available space. Cut the pieces with a circular saw following the measurements calculated previously. Use a large square to make sure that the cuts are straight and retouch the trimmed pieces with a brush or a gallop. The base that will form the frame will be the first piece that you will have to cut out. Build the legs of the car. They will have to have the height that we have calculated for the car, although you will have to subtract the thickness that the base measures.

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Then join the two pieces that form the leg, for this you will have to glue the corners with wood glue. Screw the bottom and sides with the pocket screws, in this way you will ensure a better grip. To the total width of the car you will have to subtract the width that the legs measure, this will be the measure for the reinforcements.

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