Stunning Wood Bar Stools For Kitchen


With the 100 high density foam, comfort is featured for the intriguing seat everyone is able to enjoy. Mostly, the elevation of chair is 29 inches with foam cushions add two inches longer. Dimensions are 18 inches wide x 19 inches long and 39 inches high. Whether finished or unfinished, the decision is yours to make based on ideas in how to make rooms on your own place.

Add stunning style in your kitchen or bar area with wood bar stools. Durable structure of solid wood cherry finish at 360 degree swivel chair is featured. Wood is a material for any home improvement furniture thoughts. Boosting modern comfortable chairs layouts with tall chairs made from wood is definitely going to make a wonderful addition.

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Comfort is encouraged by the foam seta at high density. This really is a excellent option for a individual who has back pain. Only let your feet to rest on the ring. It’s built into the underside that able to decrease stress. The ring footrest is constructed from solid wood with artificial caliber of leather. Cherry finish adds significance into design with stunning appearance.

The color of upholstery does matter in determining quality of this wooden bar stools. I choose black to create stunning comparison in my white kitchen design. However, the choice is yours to make on your place.

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