Smart Guide To Choose Living Room Area Rugs


Choose a rug that has same shape as furniture which you put it in, or give living room variety. With contrasting shapes, you can also play. Buy an area rug that has a different shape than other carpets. A rectangular area rug in middle of living room would weigh around furniture and smaller rugs and vice versa. Remember, opposites attract.

Select a living room area rugs based on its size. Consider location of area rug in living room. Buy a moderate mat if you plan to place mat under a table or a chair. Buy a larger area rug if you plan to place it on an open place in front of fireplace. Avoid buying an oversized area rug that overlap other mats. Avoid placing corner of carpet in middle of an entrance to another room to prevent tripping.

Choose to lift existing floor. Select a small area rug to mark floor. Find a large area rug if you want to tone down on floor. It’s probably best to choose a multi-toned carpet on a floor that has a solid-color carpet for a floor that is patterned, and a consistent pattern.

Select an area rug with a pattern that is complementary to surrounding living room furniture and wall accessories. Pattern and color of carpet should pick colors of blinds or curtains up. Choose a solid color area rug if you have a variety of colors in your living room. There balance will create A solid color.

Living room area rugs you choose should complement every aspect of living room. Remember that purpose of area rug is to highlight what you already have imagine what kind of area rug you want for your living room. Choose a rug that complements shape of furniture and carpets in living room.

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