Small Kitchen Island Ideas


Potting tables are long, rustic wood should be designed for use in a greenhouse or outdoor patio. Utilitarian in design, they generally have low shelves and a large work area for a gardener for a tendency for landscape needs. Although new pottery tables are available, you’ll find vintage tables with plenty of characters to use as an eye-catching kitchen island in your dwelling. Shop flea markets and property sales, or place an ad online for a robust, used pottery table, you can tidy up, sand easily and seal with shellac or treat with mineral oils for household use. Ideal for a small kitchen, pottery tables are narrow and offer lots of shelves you can equip with baskets to help keep your extra kitchen supplies.

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Create a cool retro look in your little 1950’s kitchen by means of a vintage ironing board your kitchen island. With adjustable heights and a slim footprint, an ironing board topped with a normal metal top or fitted with counter top material will fit into your kitchen and provide a desirable work area. A butcher block can also be trimmed into the traditional ironing board form of a carpenter and fitted over the existing board to offer an unusual food prep area for your mini-space.

Small kitchen island ideas are always required for extra storage space and table space. A slim kitchen island with tons of storage space meets both of these needs in a neat and robust unit. When you reuse a vintage table or ironing board, or build a custom aquarium or pet cage to serve as your island, you are sure to make your kitchen more functional and appealing.

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