Shutter Hinges Exterior


Specialized shutter hinges can be installed to keep the shutters in the open position. These hinges are designed to lock in the open position and hold down the shutter button. The hinge is designed such that the shutter is raised a little in order to engage and disengage the locking mechanism.

Shutters protect windows from damage and also provides a source of lighting. Shutters are located on both the inner and outer faces of the windows. In the course of their history have shutters evolved. The lightweight nature of wood shutters makes it them susceptible to the wind’s force , therefore it might be beneficial to take measures to ensure that the shutters remain open.

One way to keep the exterior shutters open is to install so-called”shutter dogs” to the shutter hingesitself. These prevent the shutters from penetrating shut open. When you want to close the shutter, simply rotate the shutter button dog, so they miss the lock, so the shutters to close completely.

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