Pleasant Living Room Chair Set


Create appearance of private conversation and to close fireplace space, placing a on either side of fireplace, angled inward, and put a sofa facing fireplace is in it. A coffee table or ottoman can help anchor middle of this area; placing end tables beside each chair between chair and sofa will also achieve this effect.

To add more privacy and close area set high plants behind sofa to block view, if light would be insufficient to plants, or use a single broker or wooden screen behind sofa. To accent room a pair of bookcases on decorative elements on jacket or either side of a fireplace can add a wonderful touch.

These loveseats can be left fireplace with perpendicular or angled slightly in or out to create look you want. For smaller rooms, two oversizedliving room chair set work to take instead of loveseats. If room traffic is a problem, turn chairs so back runs along wall of fireplace. New blossoms and light fabrics can encourage appearance of open space around living room fireplace.

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To do this, place set loveseats opposite each other. Be sure to leave a gap between walls of fireplace is lit, and sides of loveseats to have space to walk and keep furniture.

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