Passion Of Feng Shui Living Room


In feng shui colors are used according to five elements theory. Each color is an expression of one of five feng shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Fire stands for wealth, luxury, passion, love and romance. For this you can use colors orange, red, purple, pink and yellow use. Water stands for clarity. Use colors blue and black.

Many people like to decorate feng shui living room. Feng shui is becoming increasingly popular. But what is feng shui really? As you can get it all out of name Feng shui was an ancient teaching that is Chinese. Feng shui has to do mainly with energy and harmony and aims to promote a healthy flow of this life energy, called”chi”. With a Feng Shui living energy is reduced in such a way and make sure that you have more balance.

Metal stands for hope, innocence, purity, spirituality, purity, clarity, vastness and openness. Use lot of white for grounded, stable, reliable, and motherly comfort. Colors represent wood.  Earth stimulating and stands for happiness, warmth: beige and pale yellow. It is crucial that you follow your intuition and colors to use in your feng shui living room where you have best. Use colors that give you energy and inspire. Red is a good Feng Shui color, but if you hate red, do not use red in your living room.

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