Mix And Match As Accent Tables For Living Room


Accent tables for living room are a part that’s ideal for variety style.  A wide assortment of shapes, sizes and functions together in way which allows us to decorate our property. At time, you do not feel limited to purchase tables made of same material. Try a mix of timber and metal, such as a side table coffee table classic bronze. Wood added heat whilst metal tables offer a more modern and industrial balance to timber.

If saving space is a priority, shop for drawers or open shelves in bottom that are best for placing items such as remote controller, magazines and novels. This distance also doubles space to display art objects, photos or items. Only consider size of table has to be in proportion to distance, flow of room won’t be affected by fact that tables do not match.

Consider mixing a round accent tablecoffee table or coffee table with tables. Or put a few smallish tables equally together to create a table, this is a potential solution for those undecided.

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