Installing Pocket Door Edge Pull


Pocket door edge pull are a type of door cabinets and baths. Pocket door edge pull comes in various layouts, in addition to entry and locking types, but the procedure for setup is identical?

Cut notches from the edge of the door with a ribbon, be sure to maintain the blade on the inside of the lines left to minimize chipping of the door . Make pull on the lever straight from the surface. Secure pull on the door with the two screws.

Repeat measure 2 the side of the door. Use a hands square to attach a pencil line then choose a line that is square into the edge of the door in each side of the door. This will help stop the timber door when cutting at on the slot at the door.

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Mark a line on the edge pocket door in 36 inches from the floor , and with a hands square to expand the line across the door edge. Put the template supplied with pocket door edge pull on the door edge.

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