Ideas for Repair Pottery Barn Sofa


Spray a thin layer of orange oil on the scratched leather sofa. If the oil is in a bottle instead of an aerosol can place a few drops of orange oil on a soft cloth. Avoid sitting on freshly repaired leather sofa for 30 minutes. Let the orange oil saturate the scratched area and dry completely before using the sofa.

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Scratches on a pottery barn sofa can be a distracting eyesore in an otherwise attractive decor. Repair leather sofa scratches is a straightforward and uncomplicated home repair project as long as scratches have not compromised the material’s integrity. For minor scratches, a small knot can relieve annoying scratches. However, scratches that are permanently damaged can require professional care.

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Gently wipe the couch with a clean, dry cloth to remove dirt or dust that has gathered around the scratched area. Pet scratches often include a little dirt that also needs a leather sofa. Use a clean cloth to dry the leather completely. If the cloth shows dirt, continue drying the area until the cloth rags clean. The stains in the leather must not bleed on dry cloth. If staining from the pigment in the leather occurs, hire a professional to clean your leather sofa.

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