How To Make Swag Window Treatments


The material to the dimensions and iron borders from 1/4 inch, in prep. If required, attach the borders with straight legs. SEW a hem 1/8 inch from the border all the way. You can hide your swag by allowing the center of this swag to hang Before the pole, while the ends are concealed the back of the pub to hold it into place.How to make a window swag,

How to make swag window treatments, Establish how long you want your swag to be by quantifying the window is. For dimensions, add at least 24 inches of material reimbursement draping and looping. Select material that’s elastic and curtains. Anything that’s too stiff, such as heavy, denim or canvas brocade. One of the substances, swag treatment; silk, rayon or pure polyester or silk. Remember you will need to hem so if you’re not confident on your skills, avoid whatever is too steep.

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Swag window treatments – One swag refers to a window treatment that looped and is draped over the pole rather than proof of a pocket or tabs. Swag window treatments allow decorator freedom in regards to marketing because it’s loose and can be tied into decorative knots, extended or shortened, or used to decorate the panels. Swag window treatments can be purchased, but is simple made because they require a stitch or collect to bully a beginner sewer.

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