How To Hang Curtains Of A Side Window Curtains


Hold the mounting bracket against the wall rod at the level where you want to hang. Mark the screw holes with a pencil.  Hang the curtain rings on the road. If your curtains hang tabs or washers instead of rings, threaded rod curtains through these tokens or washers. Place the bar curtains on the mounting bracket. If you hang the curtains ring, then place the curtains curtain rings.

Hang to side window curtains, Measure the width of the windows with a tape measure to ascertain the duration of the bar to get curtains. Add 2 to 6 inches wide so the curtains do not block the windows, while still open. A set of curtains cover all windows to create a uniform appearance. Determine the level where you want to hang curtains. You can hang the curtains on top of the side windows and let the top of the discovered large central window. This provides privacy while letting light in the middle of the center window. Also it draws attention to the unusual shape of the windows. Alternatively, you can hang the curtains above the central window to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

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Side window curtains – Several types of windows present special challenges when choosing window treatments. There is no single way to hang curtains for these windows; you must match the window treatment to your decor and needs. When making a choice, consider how much light you want to allow in space and the amount of attention you want to draw out the windows.

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