Hidden Kitchen Cabinet Hinges


Mount the jig on the base of the hinge side border on the inside of the door and chase the mounting hole with the same procedure. Maintain the door in place with hinges at the open position. Adjust the cabinet side mounts set up on the front part of the interior of the cabinet side. Drill a pilot hole in each pen mark on the inside of the cupboard side using a drill and a 1/16-inch drill.How to put in concealed hinges on kitchen cabinets,

Put the cabinet door onto a work surface with the interior of the panel facing upwards. Mount the router jig to the peak of the hinge side border on the other side of the door . Use the supplied screws with the hinge on mount the jig. The top border of the jig must flush with the upper edge of the door . Gently connect the router. Turn onto the transducer and search the hinged mounting hole by allowing the effluent ride along the jig. Remove the router from the tree once the cut is complete.

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Hidden cabinet hinges are a inexpensive way to rekindle your current cabinets and bring into a modern style. Western or hidden hinges can be installed utilizing a hidden hinge jig and a router to cut in the mounting hole on the door . The cabinet-side of these hinged screws onto the side wall or the edge of the face plank. Once the hinges are installed, they may be corrected by loosening three screws so the door can be corrected into the cabinet.

Different types of hidden cupboard hinges,


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