Fascinate Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile


Patterned ceramic floor tile – it can be used in all areas of the bathroom. Floors, walls and shower surrounds can all make use of this versatile product. When designing a bathroom with ceramic tile, it can help to keep the overall style of the room in mind. From rustic to modern, there are ceramic tiles that could fit into any design.

Create a Tuscan or rustic style bathroom with patterned ceramic floor tile using a multi-piece pattern on the floor and handmade tiles on the wall. Ceramic floor tiles are available with a textured surface, perfect for floors. Select a tile that come in many sizes and use a pattern with 4 or 3 pieces for additional interest. Complementing this look with a handcrafted wall tile. Handmade tiles have uneven surfaces and edges for a design. Keep the walls simple and subtle when using a pattern on the floor.

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Clean lines and oversized tiles are the perfect finishing touch to a modern or contemporary design. Choose two complementary patterned ceramic floor tiles in subtly different colors. Use a 12-by-24- inch tile in a darker color on the floors with 12-inch tiles in a lighter color on the walls. Set-off of floor tiles in an operating ribbon of subtle pattern, while the wall tiles are stacked just as contrast. Both tiles must have clean edges, but the floor tiles can have a matte finish, while the walls are shiny to increase design.

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