Elegant Shabby Chic Living Rooms Ideas


Shabby chic living rooms ideas – The shabby chic living rooms style is very popular because it brings a sense of comfort and last at home, while looking elegant and modern at exactly the same time. Shabby chic vintage decorations combine elements, antiques and thrift shops findings. With this manner of decoration, the living room is elegant and casual at exactly the identical time.

Complete your with the appropriate accessories. Search old or antique vases that do not match in antique shops that are local or thrift stores. Fill the vases with flowers or dried flowers and set them around the room. Choose lamps and update cream or white painting them. This is especially important if the accessories are the coppery color that used to be popular. Choose old plates for wall decoration. The plates do not have to match, but should be in colors that go with your room. Hanging in a symmetrical design on your wall

The most commonly used in the decor shabby chic living rooms ideas colors are muted or pale. Instead, opt for blue, yellow, green, pink and soft creamy-white. Use these colors for your wall colors, fabrics and accessories to tie the style together.

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