Double Entry Door Hardware With Dummy


Parts of a double entry door hardware knob or handle is used when the record must be securely closed but do not need to be locked. Type of the moving part of the schedule has allowed a walk in wardrobe, children’s rooms and a second door, which does not need a key. Secret door knob or lever lock unit combines a switch activated by the thumb from the one side of the door. Security release is on the side of the door. This lever allows the person in the room.

Double dummy door handles can be used on any door which is quite interesting and encouraging close from one side of the door. It has no moving parts and fixed on the outside of the door. Full lever double dummy doors also have moving parts, but are installed on both sides of the door, the door closed and opened, so no matter which side of the door you find yourself. Use the handle on the door of the dummy has predrilled holes for door handles. Double entry door hardware handles will serve the full functions of the doll, but attached to the door, have a door key does not exist.

With the options on the market decorating, safety and functions can be brought together in a perfect choice. This hardware allows the sliding door instead of opening front to back in the wall. This is ideal for hallways or smaller rooms that would be narrow at the door swing. When properly installed the doors are very intrusive and appears.

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