Door Window Blinds Traditional


Among them today’s where its name were counted, and Iran.

Although the concept is the same the blinds have evolved, changed and adapted giving way. Innovation has also reached them, making them an exterior home that was crucial as element to defend the element.

Work insulation from light and heat, acting as protectors and contributing significantly to energy saving manner. Wooden blinds Group Orel offered to customers are of three types that are unique. On the one hand, the blinds are closed exterior wood clapboard, exterior wood shutters open tablet computers and blinds mobile lama, each.

Door window blinds -Wooden blinds are a vital part in the traditional Mediterranean architecture, filtering the light giving character to the facades and creating fresh and welcoming atmosphere. The origin of the blinds today, as we know them takes place at the eighteenth century, when France, then the empire, many imported products coming from the east.

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