Design of Install Freestanding Pantry Cabinet


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Locate the knobs within the wall where the pantry cabinet will be installed using a stud finder. Mark the rivets on the wall with a pencil. Place detached toe kicks in place on the floor. Toe kicks to the wall with a drill and 2-1 / 2-inch grab screw screws. Space snapper screws 12 inches apart.

Lift the pantry cabinet on the free-standing toe kick. Slide the cabinet into place; adjust the edge of the cabinet up to the lines you previously painted on the wall. Use a level to be sure the cabinet is even. Install spacers if necessary. Measure for where each stud is in the cabinet. Mark the line in the middle of the tab. Make a mark using a pencil. Be sure that the cabinet is flat.

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Installation freestanding pantry cabinet corresponds to installing smaller cabinets. Extreme caution should be applied when maneuvering big enclosures to avoid scratching the enclosure or current walls. Pantry cabinets can be installed in kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms as well as others. You must mount the cabinet to studs inside the wall to secure it. Most pantry cabinets will include a detached to kick so that the closet can be rotated inside the room without hitting the ceiling.

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