Cut Vinyl Window Shades Ideas


Measure once with tape measure to ensure the correct length. Cut along the line using scissors. Cut slowly to avoid any errors or jagged lines. Turn shadow over, so it’s down. Place a piece of double sided tape along the edge that has just been cut. Insert the dowel and install blinds in the window.

Vinyl window shades – Vinyl roller shades are one of the many shadows that is available for home installation. These shades, also called blinds block out light in a room and have a cleaner look than other kinds of blinds. Blinds can be used alone or in connection with window treatments.

Place the measuring tape middle. Measure out the length you want the shadow to be starting at the top and work down. Draw a single straight line across by means of a pencil.

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Cut vinyl window shades; Buy a set of vinyl roller shades from a local store. Choose a color to match the room’s decor and atmosphere. Measure the window with a tape measure. Hold one end of the measuring tape at the top of the window. Measure down to the desired length of the shadow. Add another 2-3 inches of length to avoid errors when cutting.

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