Classic Kitchen Bench Seating


Cut three pieces of plywood -16- by -60 inches into the front, back and underside of the bench. Cut two pieces to 14 1/2 by 16 inches at the ends of the bench. Make these cuts with a round watched. Sell ​​one corner glow on top of every 16-inch end of the plywood. Adjust the borders of the railing with the 16-inch border plywood bit. Attach the rail to the plywood by turning wooden screws throughout the railing and into the plywood. Put one screw at the middle of each railing and one 4 inches from the ends.

This is going to be the front part of the bench. Stand one of those end pieces head to its own 16-inch border in addition to a 16-inch ending of this front. Adjust the broad side of the end item with the edge of the front part. Attach the end bit to front by adding wooden screws throughout the railing and in the front area. Put a twist 6 inches from each end.

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Kitchen bench seating – The kitchen is among the most popular gathering places in most homes. Family and friends gather to speak daily and prepare meals . However, the kitchen might feel crowded should you not have enough space for your own collection or you want more storage space. A storage container with a hinged lid, which can be also a comfortable width, thickness and elevation of seating will create a kitchen bench seating That Doesn’t double responsibility

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