Classic Contemporary Yellow Bar Stools


The yellow lemon color can bring equilibrium into the air of kitchen and other rooms where set. Materials are in leather, metal and fiberglass. The choice is yours to make from the attempt to improve both functionality and design using yellow bar stools.

Steel structure from lemon yellow color appears so fully unique. Fully constructed 100% steel which stackable, mar resistant and scratch may also be choice for a casual however wonderful atmosphere on the kitchen and bar. All environments can be enjoyed with the choice which amazing when family and friends come by, to become extra seating.

Bring from the bright appearance to your room with yellow bar stools that classic contemporary. From design, you could always find best collection. I love the material blend of metal legs with yellow fiberglass. Modern flexible stool with air lift makes it rather interesting in featuring elegance and relaxation.

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Stability is supplied by the footrest. Foot glides on the stools offer convenient with easy to move throughout design. It will be a fun stool for people really love to interact a lot. The technical design of bars and tables, the stools are perfect.

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