Best for DIY Mirrored Coffee Table


Cheap mirrored coffee table,

Paint the drawer that you just made with the silver paint, if you give it a better primer beforehand, you will prevent the wood from absorbing the silver paint unevenly. Assemble the baseboard and join it to the large drawer that forms the table, fix it and you will have the entire structure of your coffee table ready. Glue the mirror on the table top with mounting adhesive and also the small mirrors that will cover the sides.

This striking and attractive mirrored coffee table is perfect for a modern decoration; it will look great in your living room. The mirrored furniture has a distinctive charm and is especially suitable for small or poorly lit spaces. Its brightness and ability to reflect light will make your living room more alive and cheerful. It can seem like a big and laborious project but with a little bit of DIY experience it is within the reach of any amateur.

The idea is simple, you have to build two drawers, one large to mount the support structure of the table and another smaller that you will use as a base to place it under the large. The union of the tables can be done with mounting adhesive and nails or the way you usually do. Cut the molding depending on your needs and nail it with a stapler or a hammer and nails although you can also stick it with the mounting adhesive. It does not have to exert any force and this adhesive is very powerful.

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