Automatic Window Shades With Remote Control


Automatic window shades – in decoration we provide comprehensive solutions for automation projects blinds in homes or commercial premises. The furor over this type of system is given by the great convenience and comfort that provide them. Its main features are given by the use of a remote control, from which you can manage the opening and closing of shutters.

That is why, although the cost is higher, the life and amenities that provide them are very high. As we know about.  On the other hand, if they are combined with home automation systems is possible to save the medium term the cost of implementing them. Moreover, our blinds automation systems have additional features such as the ability to schedule a certain position for automatic shutter.

Once you have found this position can be programmed by the ideal solution for the blind position for the system to remember, thus pressing a single button can have their shutters in the desired position, in an easy, fast and efficient.

However, there is a limiting factor in the installation of automatic blinds, such limitation is the cost of the solution and its implementation. In Decoration only perform installations of high quality shutters on the other hand, the installation is performed by trained and experienced in handling the same staff.

One of the main functions is achieved by interconnecting shutters and home automation systems are the luminous efficiency thereof, automatic window shades. Thus, it is possible to program automatic shutters to be opened at certain times in winter and another in summer. In times of summer, where the sun is annoying afternoon you can program the automation of blinds to remain as closed during these hours.

Since actuation occurs at a distance, you can use them without moving a sofa, that is, without physically closer to where the shutters are located. Since the opening and closing of these is automated, it is possible to combine them with modern home automation systems for the home.

This article main ideas is automatic window shades


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