Antique Rustic Shabby Chic Living Rooms


Shabby chic living roomliving room became very important to all be considerate of you. So you can turn your living room into the room soft and very inviting looks using style shabby chic living room. Starting from whitewashing the walls – this will be the basis for the tender shabby chic living room you; if you think it’s too cold, add some colors. Find some old furniture in the house of your grandmother and return it with a beautiful shabby method.

Is because he has a soft touch and an elegant look and also modern, the center of shabby chic living room is there a perfect coffee table, a park bench painted interior make a large seating area in the conservatory, fitted with soft pillows.

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One way to adapt your interior to shabby chic living room this is to use a simple mold in faded colors and pick a coffee or side table (better). Shabby chic living room decorated with designs and has various colors, one of which is by using white or pastel colors, Soft colors such as pale pink or sage green. It became one into a beauty of its own.

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